About Fineware

Rowland and Lana Christmas 2016

Thanks for visiting Fineware's home on the web!  We are Lana and Rowland Archer, and we love wine, beer and cocktails and fun times with friends, and we hope you do too. Our products are unique - they are all original designs - and our goal is to put a little extra fun into the enjoyment of your favorite beverage.  They also make great, affordable gifts - birthdays, Christmas, anniveraries, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, weddings, bridal parties, housewarmings - just about any special occasion.  Even Fifty Shades of Grey parties! When we design a new product, we ask ourselves: -- Would we want to use this every day? -- Would we be excited about giving it to someone we love as a gift?  (it needs to give us that big smile you can't hide as they open the package!) If it passes those tests, it goes out to our local focus group for their opinions - and if everyone says, "heck yeah, I'd buy that!" we make it!

How We Got Started

Rowland is a serial entrepreneur, and after listening to one of Pat Flynn's podcasts about buying and selling stuff on Amazon,  he became intrigued.  Could you really create a six-figure income doing that?  Always up for learning something new, he set up a seller's account at Amazon and started checking the local stores for heavily discounted items to sell. We did make $20 profit on a way-marked down LED flood light, but the idea of driving from store to store looking for stuff to buy and re-sell didn't sound like a ton of fun - or a very scalable model.  So we brainstormed some product ideas, and with some trepidation, decided to invest $500 in our first idea - a wine glass with three levels, "LOL-OMG-WTF" - the "wine glass for every mood!"   We designed them, had them custom-made, and sent 30 off to Amazon and crossed our fingers. Sales were a bit slow at first, and we only had to send Amazon another batch every week or two.  Then one day we came back from UPS and found that while we were gone, as many had sold as we had just sent to Amazon - uh-oh!  Be careful what you wish for... we now had to find a way to scale the business.

How Our Products are Made

Fortunately we were successful in locating some wonderful firms right here in the USA who can supply the needed volume while still etching each glass one-at-a-time with care.  We could then focus on the fun part - coming up with new designs and getting the word out - while our manufacturing partners and Amazon do the heavy lifting of manufacture, pack and ship, and order management. Our glassware starts with high-quality, Made in USA blank glasses from two of the leading, most-trusted manufacturers in the world - Libbey and Arc International / Luminarc.  Every glass we sell is based on a proven, beautiful design from these incredibly experienced companies who have invested heavily in producing quality glassware.  Whether you are buying for your own use, or to give as a gift, we want you to relax and know you are getting or giving a quality product. Next, our designs are either etched or printed on the glass in a one-at-a-time, manual process.  The etched designs are always sandblast-etched, which is more expensive than laser etching but results in a perfectly smooth, gorgeous design.  Laser etching heats the glass and creates tiny fissures which show up as lines in the etching.  Our sandblast process has none of those imperfections. Our printed glasses are screen printed using environmentally friendly inks that are optimized for glass printing. Individual glasses are prepped with a flame pre-treatment for optimum ink adhesion. We use UV inks which lead the industry in survivability and durability. No screen printing process is truly permanent, but our glasses have been tested and rated to last at least 500 dishwasher cycles. For the longest life, wash by hand. We have been introducing a new design every other month, and they are all 100% original.  We have been flattered by imitators, but you can be assured that any design you see here on Finewareshop.com was conceived and originally sold by us.

How to Order - and How Your Order is Fulfilled

You can buy our products right here on our website, or from Amazon.com directly.   Your order will be fulfilled by Amazon so you can be assured of fast turnaround and shipping. We love hearing from you - whether it's with a question, a suggestion for improvement, or just a note to say hi.  Please use the Contact Us form and we'll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Beware of Fineware Copy Cats and Counterfeiters

Our products are original designs.  We only sell them here on Finewareshop.com and on Amazon.com where it clearly states "Sold by FineWare and Fulfilled by Amazon."  If the "Sold by" is any other company, it's not an authorized product.  These copy cats are taking advantage of the valuable goodwill of the Fineware® brand.  They are creating unauthorized copies of our products, usually of inferior quality and selling them at reduced prices.   Please do not patronize these companies, and know that we cannot support or guarantee their products.

Thanks for Dropping By!

Thanks again for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you with a fun way to enjoy your favorite beverages!